5 Tips for Battling the Holiday Bulge

It is the time of year when you throw caution to the wind and enjoy yourself to the “fullest”! 

Below are five ways to help you enjoy the holidays and all the goodies without going up a belt size or tipping the scale:

1. Stay active.

Do not abandon your daily exercise during the holidays. Keep making time for yourself to move and exercise. 

2. Snack wisely.

Use your calories during the holidays wisely. Plan your meals and snacks around your plans. If you know you will be attending a holiday party filled with delicious foods, eat lighter that day and save some room for the treats. You will feel less guilty and avoid eating unnecessary calories. 

3. Focus on your portions.

Instead of forgoing your favorite casserole or dessert and leaving yourself feeling deprived, pay attention to how hungry or full you feel so that you do not overeat. 

4. Use substitutes.

This won’t always work perfectly. Some things are meant to be what they are (rich and delicious). But, often we can make small substitutions that are hardly noticeable to the palate, yet your waist will thank you. 

5. Limit alcohol intake.

Drinking excess calories will pack on the pounds. Limiting your alcohol consumption at holiday parties will keep you from feeling terrible the next day and will ensure that you don’t bust the buttons on your holiday attire. 

And remember, “all things in moderation.” In other words, don’t deny yourself 100% but also don’t go overboard.  

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